How is SNFA related to Las Vegas Clean Cities?
SNFA is an official subsidiary of Las Vegas Regional Clean Cities Coalition (LVRCCC). The organizations share common goals, but the focus of SNFA is on broader transportation issues while LVRCCC’s mission is to increase the use of alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies.

How do I become a member?
To obtain the benefits of membership, you must join SNFA by completing a membership application and paying annual dues.

Why should I join?
SNFA provides significant benefits for its members, including education and training, networking opportunities, a quarterly newsletter, web-based resources and an annual fleet show. Members can meet together to solve common problems and discuss common issues.

Where do I get alternative fuel info?
Alternative fuel information is available on the SNFA website under the Resources tab.

How do I convince management to support the organization?
Southern Nevada Fleet Association is a value driven organization with the mission to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs through advancement of clean technologies, networking, education and training. The fees to join the organization stay in Southern Nevada and are used to the benefit of the membership. Members will have bi-monthly meetings with access to vendors and other fleets for networking, problem solving, training, best practices. Members who attend meetings will be able to bring their problems and concerns and expect to receive immediate recommendations and solutions. SNFA will offer reduced training opportunities for mechanics and other staff members. These discounts over traditional training will more than offset the cost of membership. Contact a SNFA representative for a complete list of member benefits.

How can I participate?
Members can participate by attending meetings, serving on committees when appropriate, inviting colleagues to join, suggesting topics for meetings and events, identifying opportunities for the association, suggesting training classes that would be beneficial and a host of other ways. Members can also serve on the Board of Directors if elected.

How can I become a Board member?
Board members are elected at the annual meeting held in March of each year. Board members must be a member of the organization, and must submit a letter of interest describing their potential interest and value to the organization. Board members are also required to pay dues.

How can I participate in the Fleet Show?
Plans are underway for the inaugural SNFA Fleet Show to be held in the near future. As it is envisioned currently, you may participate as an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor. More details will be available soon.

How can I get on the agenda to speak at a meeting?
SNFA plans its meeting agendas at least six months in advance. For some subjects, SNFA will identify and recruit speakers to talk on a specific topic. There is no fee charged for these speakers. At other times, potential speakers will ask to be on a meeting agenda. SNFA allows for this, provided the subject matter is relevant. Under these conditions, there is a nominal fee to speak to the membership. If you are interested in making a presentation to SNFA, contact the Association Manager for further information at info@snfa.org

How do I become a sponsor?
SNFA has a limited number of corporate sponsorships available on an annual basis. In addition to basic membership benefits, corporate sponsors receive additional value in the form of advertising and exposure. Click here for corporate sponsorship application.

Can I get copy of the mailing list?
SNFA publishes the names of all its member organizations on the website. For privacy reasons, we do not publish the mailing list but we do make members accessible through SNFA-directed email and marketing efforts.

Can I get marketing assistance to fleets?
SNFA offers both free and fee-based marketing assistance to vendor members. The types of assistance available include direct mail, direct email, public relations, SNFA advertising, marketing events and others. For more information, contact the Association Manager at info@snfa.org.

Is this organization for Las Vegas fleets/vendors only?
No. Any fleet or vendor interested in networking or interacting with peers regarding transportation issues can join SNFA.

How many people can belong under one membership?
There are no limit to the number of people who can belong under one membership. However, depending upon how the organization is formed, each fleet within the organization will need to join if they are managed as separate fleets. For example, the State of Nevada motor pool can join, but the Nevada Department of Transportation would have to join under a separate membership. Some cities and counties also have similar situations. If you have a question, please contact a representative with SNFA for clarification. In addition, there may be certain events where space is limited. When this is the case it will be communicated in the event notification. Most monthly meetings and special events will have small fees for each attendee (for meals, training packets, supplies, etc) so organizations will be able to invite as many people as they want.